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My name is BILAL AHMAD KHAWAJA. I am a qualified and highly experienced chemistry Lecturer. I have taken my chemistry specialism online and offer chemistry tuition to students internationally. I have spent almost last 12 years of my career teaching chemistry to the students of different international boards. I teach chemistry one-on-one online and have also created video courses to reach to as many students as possible.

Chemistry is not as difficult as you think………. I promise!

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My Video lectures are designed to present the subject material in as simple a manner as possible. Incorporation of analogy and humor makes even complex topics both understandable and memorable.

You have complete freedom to choose from a variety of courses anything that you feel you need it.


Each Course includes

  1. Quality video lectures
  2. Premium courses provide hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions to reinforce concepts and to make sure you can apply what you’ve learned!